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At Judaism in the Foothills we are philosophically opposed to the membership model that most synagogues and temples offer. We do not think that synagogues should be like country clubs with financial-barriers-to-entry. Rather a synagogue or a Jewish Community Center should be open to all Jews no matter their ability or desire to pay.

We do not believe that there should be a financial barrier to entry to Jewish life.

Nonetheless we know too well that without funds it is impossible to keep the lights on. We are therefore offering an alternative and optional subscription type model, similar to the subscriptions you would pay for your mobile phone service, your internet service or another web-based service you consume.

The benefit of subscriptions for us as an organization is that it allows us to predict the funds that will be coming in and therefore make better informed organizational and budgetary decisions. Our subscription suggestions range from $36 a month upwards and since it’s a donation rather than payment for a service or product (there is no financial barrier to entry at Judaism in the Foothills) all funds given are fully tax deductible.

Below you can sign-up to subscribe to Judaism in the Foothills. The levels of subscriptions are based on your own comfort level and the degree that you wish to support what Judaism in the Foothills offers to you and to the wider community. We reiterate that our ethos is to be non-Judgemental and we welcome all people equally whether they subscribe or not.

Amongst those who want to subscribe some have asked us to suggest an appropriate subscription level. The best we can do is inform you of what most synagogues in Colorado suggest in terms of their membership and the rest we will leave up to your discretion. A family membership at most Colorado synagogues ranges from $1800 - $2500 per year and a single person’s membership ranges from $800 - $1800 per year (payments for religious school, Shabbat dinners, Seders etc. are usually on top of that).

Please fill out the form below to be taken to the subscription page.

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