Judaism in the Foothills - An Unaffiliated Non-membership Jewish Community

Judaism in the Foothills is an unaffiliated innovative Jewish community in Evergreen, Colorado. We offer a Judaism that is authentic yet innovative, that is egalitarian yet traditional and one that provides real and quantifiable value to all of its participants. We focus on spirituality, health and wellness and building real community spirit. We are a small foothills community and in good mountain tradition we do without many of the ostentatious trappings of a major temple, thus, at Judaism in the Foothills everyone feels like family. We do not believe in a membership high-financial-barrier-to-entry model and instead offer a subscription based model where people make commitments at their own comfort level. 

Judaism in the Foothills serves all segments of the Jewish community and since we are unaffiliated to any religious denomination everyone always feels welcome at Judaism in the Foothills regardless of their personal religious views (or lack thereof), political views, family situation or level of religiosity.

Experiences Rather Than Services

We prefer not to refer to our prayer events as services--instead we call them "experiences". We have, thus, designed our Shabbat and High Holiday Experiences as menus. Feel free to pick the parts that you want to join, and leave out those that don't speak to you. The first part of our service is traditional in nature and all in Hebrew, however, the subsequent sections are highly interactive and include mindfulness experiences plus all songs are meaningful and easy for everyone to follow. We also include discussions from the Torah that relate to proven health and wellness benefits. 

Great Food

No Jewish experience is complete without food. Thus, lunch as well as a health snack is served and community spirit is built. Shabbat dinner and a speaker is often a part of our Friday evening Shabbat experience. It is around food that friendships are created and nurtured and we celebrate each other's happy occasions and anniversaries.


Everything we do takes children into consideration. There are always kiddy programs alongside everything we do for adults. During our Health and Wellness Shabbat Experience we also have a kids Mindfulness program for example. We also offer programs specifically for kids. Our Hebrew School Program, under the talented leadership of Sheindy Brackman, translates Judaism in the Foothills’ warmth and spirit to the youngsters. The children actually look forward to attending Hebrew School, where they are taught the written and spoken Hebrew language as well as a love for Judaism, the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Outings, contests and celebrations add an exciting dimension to the program. Our Hebrew School provides a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program as well.

Join Us

We welcome you to join and participate in our community. At Judaism in the Foothills you will find an open-minded, modern and refreshing approach to Judaism, you will acquire lifelong friendships and an opportunity for personal betterment as well as spiritual growth. With us you will find a chance to be a part of a beautiful mountain Jewish community on your own terms. Please feel free to visit us for services or any other program, or just stop in to say hello.

For more information or to arrange a meeting with Rabbi Levi Brackman, please call us at 720-837-2224 or email info at jitf dot org.